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CLNvoice Accent Modification

What is an Accent?

An accent is the specific, distinct way speech is produced and patterned by groups of people speaking the same language. Often accents are identified based on region of the world or country.

What is Accent Modification?

The goal of accent modification is to improve overall understandability for communication. Targeting the specific and individualized communication challenges of each client, Christina will support clients to reduce accents which impede communication while maintaining the beauty and uniqueness of each client’s speech. Together with Christina, clients will shape specific speech characteristics to support successful communication while improving speaking confidence in professional and personal conversation. 

What Will We Work On? 

After a thorough assessment and discussion of results, Christina works as a team with clients to establish a set of goals to address their individual needs. Specific areas which can be addressed in accent modification include: pronunciation of specific speech sounds (consonants and vowels), intonation, sentence rhythm, sentence stress, grammar, professional vocabulary, voice, social communication cues, and rate of speech. 

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