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"Christina is incredible. I am very grateful to have worked with her over the last ten years, and she has been such a bright spot in my growth. My most recent work with Christina has been therapeutic on many levels. Since starting a high intensity gig coming out of Covid, I have been experiencing a high level of vocal fatigue, which of course leads to mental and emotional stress (and then more vocal stress...such a vicious cycle)."


"As a full time musician with my own vocal studio, I consider myself a healthy and knowledgeable singer with a clear understanding of the voice, but Christina’s expertise as a speech language pathologist and Estill Master Trainer has added more nuance, strength and ease to my technique."


"Working with her reminds me that there is no need to panic, and with her, my vocal health continues to improve. Not only is Christina incredibly knowledgeable with a vast array of real life solutions (especially when it comes to preventative health), she is also kind, supportive, patient and has a calming presence, which is crucial when you are concerned about your vocal abilities and health. Whether you are looking for a voice teacher to help you belt your heart out or a SLP to take care of any vocal stresses, I promise you, Christina will help you achieve your vocal goals."

"Christina is an amazing Vocal Coach! My daughter has been with her for 6 yrs. Christina is not only her Vocal Coach but an incredible roll model and mentor. We Love Christina! Our journey started with her when my daughter was diagnosed with VCD at 10yrs old. Christina was her speech therapist and then we began vocal lessons following completion of therapy. It was a perfect fit! It was really a Devine intervention! My daughter has been so blessed by Christina, her wealth of knowledge and incredible ability to teach and grow her students. My daughter is now 16yrs old and is well beyond her years in training and skill level."


"Christina has truly been the best teacher my daughter has ever had! She has learned so much and has gone so far vocally and in her artistry of being a well rounded vocalist, musician, and songwriter. Christina has helped mold the gifts and talents my daughter has and she has strengthened every aspect of her gifts! It's truly been incredible to witness and watch there relationship grow over the years! My daughter would not be at the level of success in her young life it hadn't been for Christina's knowledge, wisdom, education and her gift of teaching!"

"I have had voice lessons with countless voice teachers throughout my life (including many “in-demand” teachers in NYC with Broadway clientele) but working with Christina for the past 3.5 years has been a game-changer for me."


"Christina is a master at her craft – she can diagnose and provide corrections to just about any vocal problem/issue/question you may have, and her technical expertise (from both her speech pathology background and the Estill technique) has provided me with a totally different perspective and understanding of the human voice."


"I look forward to my sessions every week, and I feel very fortunate to have found Christina to continue my vocal studies! Book a session with her – you won’t regret it!"

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